Shankar Kapri is the name of a Nepali  young entrepreneur who struggled, failed, and surged ahead in search of happiness, and success. He is the founder of two Nepali startups, Sampurna Sewa and Mero Notice.
Sampurna Sewa is a service-based company and Mero Notice is a Nepali educational media.

Early life

Kapri was born and raised in a  small village in Dhading Nepal.
Kapri’s early education was in Dhading. In 2012, he moved to Kathmandu, where he started to quest for his successful career. During his indicial time for capital city he  struggled with various challenges.  He had to work to make money for his surviving in city lifestyle and for joining  university. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business, with an emphasis on accounting and taxation, in 2016. He continued his education with a master’s study in marketing and finance (2018). Both degrees were obtained from Tribhuvan University.

He learned PHP, C++, and Java on his own with the help of Internet resources.

He speaks Nepali, Hindi, and English.

Career and Business

Shankar Kapri started his career as a waiter in a small café for two years after high school. Then, he moved to a financial company as an accountant post for three years.  Later, the idea of a startup came up with the intent of doing something  new in Nepal. Firstly he started  own business as a media company Preranalaya, The official name is Prerana Media (2017). The English translation of “Preranalaya’ means the ‘School of Inspiration‘. However he did not continue in this media due to study and other circumstances .
Next, the enterprise was the Mero Notice Media this business is going successfully each day because this notice site become beneficial for every person from each sectors .
Gradually, he took  a next step by launching  an online  service provider platform , Sampurna Sewa, which was established as a startup company in 2019. This platform drives  to local service (Handyman service) providers in Nepal as well as makes it easy for users to find and reach each services.

Personal life

Shankar Kapri love to read inspirational and spiritual(Holy) books , motivational stories. He is involved in social service by volunteering in a variety of sectors. Kapri likes exploring the spiritual world –considers himself “a devout seeker”. He  has done ten days of Vipassana, including “silent fast ” in 2017.

His favorite books are Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’, Hermann Hesse’s  ‘Siddhartha’,  Hedrick Smith’s ‘Who Stole the American Dream’, Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, etc.

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